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About Arctic Spas Hot Tubs

Arctic Spas hot tubs and spas are manufactured by Arctic Pools & Spas, also referred to as Arctic Canada Displays Ltd. Arctic Spas is a privately held company that specializes in high quality outdoor living products such as hot tubs, spas, outdoor furniture and accessories .

They own three other brands: Nordic Hot Tubs which specializes in indoor hot tubs, Arctic Pool Lifestyles which specializes in inground swimming pools for both residential and commercial use , and Arctic Leisure Products which  is focused on the boating industry.

To date Arctic Pools has designed over 400 different spa models with more than 30 signature designs. With their large variety of content they have something for everyone! Arctic Spa hot tubs are

Arctic Spas has commitment to quality and luxury at their core. Arctic Spa hot tubs are manufactured in the Arctic Pools factory located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Arctic Spas hot tubs come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty on shell; 5 Years on pumps, blowers, heaters and controls; 3 years on seats & covers; 1 Year on spa chemical sanitizer systems (Salt Water System/Ozone)

The first Arctic Spa hot tub was built in 1979 by two brothers who had moved from Sweden where they enjoyed outdoor hot tubs during their time as hockey players for team Vastra Frolunda Hockey Club of Gothenburg . 

In 1985 Arctic Pools started manufacturing Arctic Spas hot tubs. Arctic Pools had a vision to provide the Arctic Regions of Canada with hot tubs that would allow Arctic Canadians easier access to hydrotherapy and relaxation. Arctic Spas has been at the forefront of this industry ever since.

In the early 1990’s Arctic Spas began marketing their hot tubs in North America, but continued to manufacture them exclusively in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. In 1994 Arctic Pools changed its name to Arctic Spa Canada Ltd., then later became Arctic Spa & Pool Canada Inc., and finally switched its name back to Arctic Pools & Spas Inc.

In 2009 Arctic Spas added an accessory store which featured branded accessories for all major brands as well as their own Arctic Spa line of accessories In 2011 they launched their first Arctic Spa hot tub model, Arctic Royale.

In 2013 Arctic Spas launched Arctic Pools Lifestyles, an inground pool company that specializes in both residential and commercial inground swimming pools . Arctic Pool Lifestyles is supported by Arctic Pools & Spas’s parent company Arctic Canada Displays Ltd which has been in business since 1969. Arctic Canada Displays owns two other companies: Nordic Hot Tubs Canada which makes indoor hot tubs and Arctic Leisure Products which focuses on the boating industry.

Today Arctic Spas manufactures about fifteen different models of hot tubs including their largest hot tub model, the Arctic Grande at 355 gallons. They also manufacturer four different hot tub lines: Aqua , Aqua Luxe , Aqua XL , and Arctic Spa. Arctic Spas also has two different hot tub series Arctic Hot Tubs and Arctic Hot Tub LX . Arctic Spas hot tubs are distributed through Aqua Luxe Canada , an authorized Arctic Pools & Spas dealer, service center and spa showroom located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Arctic Spas hot tubs are also available directly from Arctic Pools which ships to all parts of the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe

Arctic spas is committed to providing their customers with outstanding personal customer service as well as offering a large selection of models so that every person is sure to find the perfect fit for their lifestyle. Arctic Spa owners have access to 24/7 support by phone or email.